Do Scooter Bearings Fit Fidget Spinners?

A question that we've seen pop up more and more lately is about whether or not you can use a scooter bearing in your fidget spinner. In short, the answer is YES, you can. Many common fidget spinners use a '608' size bearing (learn more about bearings, here). That same '608' bearing is also the standard size bearing found in scooters as well as skateboards and inline skates. 


Before you going dismantling your scooter for it's bearings, here are a few things you should know about scooter bearings:

Most scooters use low-quality steel bearings - Steel bearings are usually seen as the least desirable bearing for fidget spinners because of their low spin times.

They usually are shielded bearings - While not a huge deal it's important to know that scooter bearings are usually covered on the top and bottom by a protective plastic or rubber shield. This is used to keep dust and debris from getting caught in the bearing.

They usually use pre-lubed bearings - Under the protective shield, you'll usually find lubricated ball bearings. If you're looking for a fast fidget spinner, you want to stay clear of lube and oils (as we point out in our popular article on cleaning and maintaining your spinner bearing).


If you want to use a scooter bearing in a fidget spinner, follow these simple steps to ensure you see the best possible results:

  1. Double-check to make sure the fidget spinner will accept the bearing. Here are the most common fidget spinner bearings.
  2. Clean your bearing using these cleaning instructions. If your bearing has a protective shield, you'll want to remove these so you can throughly clean the balls and remove any lubricant or oil that was previously applied to the bearing.