Spin-it! Fidget Spinner / Tri Spinner


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Stop Fidgeting, Start Spinning!

The FidgetDoctor® has your prescription! Reduce ADHD habits, calm your anxiety, occupy your mind, and make it through dreaded work meetings with this addictively gratifying fidget toy.

  • Long & Balanced Spinning: Our long-lasting Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) hybrid ceramic bearings are engineered for effortless, balanced, and lasting spins. Rated 40% stronger than steel bearings, they pack the durability needed for endless spinning. (Best results are achieved after a short 100-spin break-in period).
  • Smooth & Ergonomic Edges - No rough 3D-printed edges here. Your fingers will love the smooth edges we’re able to achieve through our injection molding process.
  • Concave Bearing Caps: Now featuring our easy-grip concave bearing caps allowing for better finger balancing and awesome spinner tricks!

Finger Spinning Techniques

  1. Grip between your Thumb and Middle finger, flick with your Pointer or Ring finger
  2. Grip between your Thumb and Pointer finger, flick with your Middle or Ring finger

Tabletop Spinning Technique

  • Place your spinner on a table or desk, hold the center with one finger and flick with another.

Fidget Spinner Videos

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